List of All Preventions

Checkout Our Main Precaution

Things You Should Do

Wash Your Hands 20 Seconds

Bacteria and viruses can lurk on them, spreading infection from surface to surface and person to person..

Wear a mask

The World Health Organization recommends that when wearing a mask, medical-grade masks should be worn by people age 60 and over or with health issues, and the general public should wear a triple-layer cloth covering.

Physically distance

Avoid crowded spaces. If you want to visit friends or family, you must still wear a mask – and keep six feet apart.

Plan ahead in case you or someone in your household gets sick

Things You Shouldn't Do

Do not touch your face

Medical advisories from the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reminded us time and again not to touch our face, nose and mouth too often.

Do not travel unless necessary

The airports and airplanes are where you are most likely to catch an infection. It Is advisable not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Do not go to crowded places

Public transport, metros, gyms and any other crowded place should be avoided.

Do not panic

Most of the times, panic leads to people taking wrong and ill-informed decisions. If you follow basic personal hygiene along with the other precautions, it is very less likely for you to catch the disease.

4 Easy Steps

Hand Wash Procedure

Use Soap

Palm to Palm

Fingers Interlaced

Rinse Hands

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